Although there are several types of personal injury cases, they all share some common stages throughout the claim process. The first step following any accident is to file claims with all appropriate insurance companies.

After filing a claim with an insurance company, a representative from the insurance company (claims adjuster) will typically contact all parties to the accident to gather more information about the accident, property damage and injuries to make a liability determination. If the adjuster accepts liability in a case, the claim will proceed to determination of damages.

Once the injured person completes his or her medical treatment, or in cases with limited insurance coverage, once there is adequate documentation of injuries, the next state in any persona injury case is a demand.

The demand letter is usually sent by an injured person (usually through a personal injury attorney) to the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident. The demand letter outlines all information necessary for the adjuster to assess the settlement value of the personal injury claim, such as liability, the claimant’s injuries, medical treatment and prognosis, out-of-pocket medical expenses, wage loss, etc. The letter also makes a specific dollar amount demand to resolve the claim.

After the demand has been made, the insurance adjuster may accept the demand, make a settlement, request additional information, or may deny the claim. Unless the adjuster denies the claim, the demand letter typically triggers a back-and-forth negotiation process between the injured party (usually through a personal injury attorney) and the adjuster. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement agreement following a series of negotiations, a lawsuit may need to be filed to resolve the dispute. See Personal Injury Lawsuit.

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