In comparison with other bankruptcy attorneys, we are able to offer very affordable attorney flat rate fees because we do not have an expensive advertising budget, high rent costs, or employee costs. Because our fees are extremely competitive, we require that all fees and court costs must be paid prior to the time that the petition is filed with the court. The flat fee representation includes preparation of all documents necessary to file the bankruptcy case, legal counseling on all matters, and attorney’s appearance at all required bankruptcy proceedings.  See Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 pages for details of what is involved in the bankruptcy process.

Payment of the legal costs can be paid by cash, money order, check, or debit from your checking account. We do not allow our clients to use their credit cards to make payment for bankruptcy fees because this would violate bankruptcy law. However, we may accept payment from the client’s relative or friend who is willing to help them with the expense by using his or her credit card, as long as the transfer is a gift, not a loan. Otherwise, the debtor will have to list this debt in the bankruptcy schedules.

Furthermore, bankruptcy clients should keep in mind that if they take out cash advances, for whatever reason, totaling more than $925 within 70 days of filing bankruptcy, the credit card company could file a lawsuit asking the court to declare that the debt is not discharged in the bankruptcy.